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CD Trophy Scars – Discografia

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Autor: Trophy Scars Titulo da música: Discografia Gênero Musical: Progressive / Hardcore / Experimental Tamanho do cd: 55 MB / 85 MB Formato do áudio: MP3 Servidor: MediaFire Postador: Rullerz

Lista de Titulo da músicas:

Bad Luck (2009)

01. Bad Dreams
02. Botanicas
03. El Cowboy Red
04. Anna Lucia
05. Bad Winter
06. Geneva
07. Toronto
08. Nola
09. Years So Much
10. Good Luck

Sand in the Sea (Darts to the Sea Re-Realease) [2006]

1. Designed Like Dice (demo)
2. The Hair-Trigger Flamenco (demo)
3. The Moche Skeleton Dance
4. Baby Eskimo Kisses (electric)
5. If You Call it a Knife
6. Descend for Miles
7. The Arcane Symbols
8. Shadows of the Koga Ninja
9. Jerry´s the Name? (demo)
10. Eyes Baptized in Mercury (Apologize to Her)
11. This is a Plant You Don´t Want to Eat (demo)
12. Don´t Fuss Over Spiders Thrown (demo)
13. Cats as a Measurement of Time (demo)
14. Who´s More Drunk, the Driver or Me?
15. This is a Plant I Don´t Want to Eat

Hospital Music for the Aesthetics of Language(2003)

1. There Are Ghosts
2. Designed Like Dice (Crickets in Tune)
3. Sleep Little Nemo – The Kidnapping!
4. …and That´s Where They Found My Body
5. The Hair-Trigger Flamenco
6. Lindsay and the Endless Wall of Alarm Clocks

Darts to the Sea (2002)

1. Dreams Of New Orleans
2. “Rachel, I Think He´s Dead” They Screamed
3. I Play Piano
4. A Beauty Like Scissors (Shine On, Bleach Off)
5. Chapter One: How To Fail Yourself
6. Hospital For Ghosts
7. Eyes Baptized In Mercury
8. Baby Eskimo Kisses
9. Hosting A Murder

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