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CD Eminem – Discografia

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Autor: Eminem Titulo da música: Discografia Gênero Musical: Hip-Hop Tamanho do cd: 67.44 MB Formato do áudio: MP3 Servidor: Torrent Postador: Rullerz

Lista de Titulo da músicas:

(1996)Infinite (Reissue 2003)
(1999)The Slim Shady LP
(1999)The Slim Shady LP (Special Edition)
(2000)The Marshall Mathers LP (Alternate Clean-Edited Version)
(2000)The Marshall Mathers LP (Limited Edition)
(2000)The Marshall Mathers LP (UK Special Edition With Bonus Track)
(2002)The Eminem Show
(2002)The Eminem Show (Clean)
(2004)Encore (Clean)
(2004)Encore (Shady Collectors Edition)
(2009)Relapse (Deluxe Edition)
(2009)Relapse- Refill
(2010)Recovery (Clean)

(2005)Curtain Call- The Hits (Deluxe Edition)
(2006)Eminem Presents- The Re-Up
(2006)Eminem Presents- The Re-Up (Clean)

(1995)Soul Intent
(1998)Just Don’t Give A Fuck
(1999)Guilty Conscience
(1999)Guilty Conscience (Promo)
(1999)My Name Is (Censored)
(1999)Nuttin’ To Do [Maxi]
(1999)Scary Movies (German Maxi)
(2000)Stan (UK)
(2000)Stan [Maxi]
(2000)The Real Slim Shady [Single] [497 365-2]
(2000)The Real Slim Shady [Single] [497 366-2]
(2000)The Real Slim Shady [Single] [497 379-2]
(2000)The Way I Am
(2002)Cleanin’ Out My Closet
(2002)Lose Yourself
(2002)Sing For The Moment
(2002)Sing For The Moment [Promo]
(2002)Without Me
(2003)Business (White Cover)
(2003)International Singles [Box Set]
(2004)Just Lose It
(2004)Like Toy Soldiers
(2004)Like Toy Soldiers [Promo]
(2005)Drama Setter
(2005)Welcome 2 Detroit
(2005)When I’m Gone
(2009)Crack A Bottle (Promo)
(2009)We Made You (Promo)
(2010)Love The Way You Lie
(2010)Not Afraid
(2011)I Need A Doctor

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